oh me, oh my.

The sweetest of my memories and past physical emotions make my mouth water and my stomach drop.


Eyebrows on point.

Eyebrows on point.



This makes it official, right?

This makes it official, right?

I found myself thinking, Yep, I’ve got everything that I need. And then aloud, I had said, ‘Except The Metalhead..’

I was taken aback! Haha. I don’t know if I believed myself when I said it. I suppose I wouldn’t mind his company.

The Metalhead stopped by this morning to drop off a crockypot and then I made him two eggs, sunny-side up.

Early visits are so sweet.

I feel like I’m always fluffing egos.

Today is my one year at this high-profile restaurant.

Tomorrow I will be turning in my two weeks’ notice.

I’ve been training at another restaurant (yet to be named). Higher profile. Higher standards. More freedom.

I’m so busy.

There’s a dude, but I can’t decide if I’m ready for serious orrr… play?

My life is bursting at the seams. In a good way.

I’m alive, I’m healthy and very, very happy.

Annnnnnnnnd The Scotsman, seriously, JUST emailed me. Fuuuuuuuck.

  • Random: Your eyes say 'hello' every time you blink.
  • Me: That must be annoying.
  • Random: It's actually the prettiest thing I've ever seen.